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Section 8
In the areas below, describe your daily activities and state what and how much you do of each; how often you do it; and any assistance you require.

# 1 Personal Mobility (walking, moving about, exercising your legs, etc.

I have major problems with my muscles in constant, continual spasm even in my feet. My toes hurt. My toe joints hurt. My feet hurt. It hurts to wear shoes. It hurts to be on my feet. I walk and move about unassisted, however, I do not walk for any length of time without experiencing severe muscle fatigue and pain. I often do not leave my home for days at time to avoid causing a flare-up of pain and fatigue. I try to park as close to the entrance of a store as possible to shorten the distance I need to walk in order to avoid the flare up of pain and fatigue.
# 2 Personal Needs and Grooming (dressing, bathing, etc.)

I attend to my own personal needs and grooming, i.e. I do not require assistance. However, by the time I finish brushing my teeth, I'm in so much pain I need to stop all activity in order to rest my muscles. It fatigues me to take a shower, to shampoo my hair, to blow-dry my hair. It is difficult to keep my arms raised long enough to complete the shampoo. I have often need to sit on the shower floor in order to complete it. By the time I'm ready to blow dry my hair, I must lean my back against the wall in order to continue.

# 3 Household Maintenance (cooking, cleaning, shopping, and odd jobs around the house as well as any other similar activities)

I clear the dinner table and stack the dinner dishes in the dishwasher each evening. While at the sink, I can't stand at the sink for the 15-20 minutes to do the dinner dishes without exacerbating the pain. I need to lie down after minimal exertion such as this. It wrecks my back to carry my 1 load of laundry to the washing machine once a week.

When I assisted my father and mother with trimming the Christmas tree, I was unable to finish due to the extreme spasms and needed to go lie down.

# 4 Recreational Activities (TV, radio, books, fishing, bowling, musical instruments, etc.)

I read the morning paper, but I don't read books nearly as much as I used to because it becomes difficult to maintain concentration and comprehension. This is quite fatiguing. When I'm fatigued, the pain increases. My brain hurts.

My disability requires that I engage in only passive activities to avoid flare ups.

# 5 Social Contacts (visit with friends, relatives, neighbors, church, social clubs)

Rare. Most social contacts are when my family members come to my home.

# 6 Other (drive car, motorcycle, ride bus or subway, etc)

I am able to drive without assistance.

Do not require assistance

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