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The Disability Benefits Information Website

This website is an outgrowth of the internet discussion list, Disinissues. We hope that it can serve as a gathering point for information and advice about the process of applying for, appealing, and renewing disability insurance from private Long-Term Disability insurers and the U.S. Social Security Administration (SSDI).

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Because the authors of this page have the disease CFIDS/M.E. (chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome, or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), the website tends to emphasize information of help to people with those and similar disorders. In addition to CFIDS/M.E., we think this page can be of particular help to those who suffer from Fibromyalgia, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Gulf War Syndrome,Post-Polio Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, and other neuro-immunological disorders.

The page currently focuses on the United States legal and welfare systems, but in time we hope to be able to add or link to information for other nations.

All of these illnesses can impact severely the cognitive abilities of the person affected. The complexity, red tape, and endless forms required of the disability insurance system (both public and private) places a special burden on those who are so disabled by these diseases that they can no longer work. The patient finds himself/herself in a situation that she/he never expected, and never desired -- and is generally left to make their way through the maze alone.

This page has been constructed by patients who have been through "the system," in the hopes it can help others find their way. Opinions expressed about particular insurance companies or the social security disability administration are those of the specific essay authors and are not to be considered the responsibility of the webmaster. In the interests of freedom of speech, we do not believe that open discussion about insurance company practices should be curtailed. If insurance companies have alternate information, we will be delighted to post it.

We ask readers to take this information with a grain of salt; this is intended as information and advice between friends and neighbors in cyberspace. It is not, and cannot be, a list for formal legal advice. Readers are always advised to consult a lawyer before acting on any suggestions received here.

If you have any questions, suggestions for improvements, submissions for posting on the website, or website URLs to add to our list, please contact us at the Webmaster's address. For information about the email discussion list Disinissues , either go to or contact the listowners.

Good luck! You are not alone.

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Basic Information

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Essays on Disability Insurance Issues

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Help with Forms

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Court cases

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Information on U.S. Social Security Disability

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Canadian Disability Benefits and EI Information

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Disability Resources on the Web

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For information about the disease ME/CFS, go to The CFIDS/M.E. Information Page
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