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The Disinissues Good Lawyer List

The following was written in an explicit attempt to duplicate the benefits that many patients have received from the Co-Cure's "Good Doctors" List at http://www.co-cure.org/Good-Doc.htm. We thank the moderators of Co-Cure for a good idea -- and a good model to follow.

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To recommend a lawyer for the list, or to comment on a lawyer already on the list, write to The Disinissues Administrators. Disinissues is a discussion list for disability insurance issues; if you are interested, you can find information at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Disinissues/.

This page contains a list of lawyers who have been recommended by subscribers to the Disinissues discussion list. The list is organized by state, but lawyers can in many instances cross state lines in their work, so you should not feel limited to your own state in your search for a good lawyer.

DISCLAIMER: The "Disinissues Good Lawyer List" is provided as a convenience to Social Security Disability and private long-term disability insurance claimants. Disinissues has not verified any of the information submitted for the purpose of inclusion on this list and provided herein as to accuracy nor professional standings. As always, individuals should check with local/regional agencies that monitor law professionals prior to engaging services. The names on this list are here solely because they were recommended by someone with an "invisible" disability, generally the disabilities CFS/ME or fibromyalgia but also MS, connective tissue disease, Lupus, and other disabilities sometimes given short shrift by private and public bureaucracies. It should be taken with no more nor less value than advice passed along at a community gathering among neighbors.

NOTE: The "Disinissues Good Lawyer List" is not to be reproduced in part or whole, or referred to, with the intention of use for profit. The list was compiled by clients, for clients, and should not be construed in any way as a solicitation for services by the lawyers named..


Contact the The ME-FM Action Network for information about legal assistance in your area.

United States, by state

-- Note: If your state isn't listed, then no one has recommended a lawyer yet. To recommend a lawyer, write to the webmaster. Remember, you can always call Trial Lawyers of America at 1-800-424-2725, or Trial Lawyers for Public Justice at 1-202-797-8000 and ask for a lawyer who deals with CFIDS and or FM in your area.


Phoenix, AZ (1 of 4)
Mark Caldwell
3737 N. 7th Street, #100
Phoenix, AZ 85014

Phone: 602-277-1745

Comments: Social Security Disability, SSI; CFS Professional Honor Roll, maintained by CFS Assn. of AZ

Phoenix, AZ (2 of 4)
Edward M. Ober
1536 W. Thomas
Phoenix, AZ 85067

Phone: 602-230-1968

Comments: Social Security Disability, SSI; CFS Professional Honor Roll, maintained by CFS Assn. of AZ

Phoenix, AZ (3 of 4)
Frank Verderame
316 E. Flower
Phoenix, AZ 85012-2624

Phone: 602-266-2002

Comments: Primarily non-ERISA LTD, has on occasion taken ERISA cases; CFS Professional Honor Roll, maintained by CFS Assn. of AZ

Phoenix, AZ (4 of 4)
Stanley Lubin
2702 N. 3rd St. #3020
Phoenix, AZ 85004


Comments: Employment discrimination/ labor law; CFS Professional Honor Roll, maintained by CFS Assn. of AZ

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Jonesboro, Arkansas
Anthony Bartels
Jonesboro, AR

Phone: 870 932-5000

Comments: "Stuck by me for 11 years but won my case for Social Security Disability. The best there is."

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Claremont, California
Frank Darras
Shernoff, Bidart, Darras & Dillon
600 South Indian Hill Blvd.
Claremont CA 91711

Telephone: 800-458-3386

Comments: "This group is the "creme-de-la-creme" for disability insurance." "Shernoff wrote a book on disability law. Frank Darras is the best privagte Disability lawyer I know."

Los Angeles, CA
See above, as well as Northridge and Sherman Oaks

Los Gatos, CA
Charles B. Perkins
Flynn, Rose and Perkins
51 University Avenue, Suite H
Los Gatos, California 95030

(408) 399-4566

Comments: For private Long-Term Disability Insurance cases; thorough knowledge of ERISA; instrumental in getting Standard to reinstate a CFS claim after a new claims investigator had suddenly denied it; has also been successful with UNUM.

Northridge, California
Glenn Kantor
Kantor and Kantor
Attorneys at Law
17216 Parthenia St.
Northridge, CA 91325

Phone: 818-886-2525
Fax: 818-350-6272
Toll free: 800-446-7529

Email: gkantor@kantorlaw.net
Website: http://www.kantorlaw.net/

Comments: Area of Specialty: First party insurance claims: Health, Life & Disability, under both ERISA and California Common Law (bad faith); Has helped many members of the Disinissues discussion list.

Sacramento, CA
Elizabeth L. Gade, Attorney at Law
Law Offices of Olson Hagel & Fishburn LLP
Plaza Towers
555 Capitol Mall, Suite 1425
Sacramento, CA 95814-4602

Telephone: 916-442-2952, ext. 205
Email: elizabeth@olsonhagel.com
Website: www.olsonhagel.com

Comments: Very helpful, took a lot of time with SSDI and CFS.

San Diego, CA [1 of 3]
Howard Bennett Hellen

Main office:
380 S. Melrose Drive, Ste. 333
Vista, CA 92081
Tel: (760) 942-7848

Satellite office:
16870 West Bernardo Drive, Ste. 400
San Diego, CA 92127
Tel: (858) 485-8830

Fax (common to both addresses): (760) 942-7849
Email: hbhellen@gmail.com

Comments: Co-counsel on the Lang v Standard Ins. Case that was successfully won in Southern California's 9th Circuit Court (Pasadena) in 1997. Handles both Erisa and non-Erisa private long-term disability insurance cases.

San Diego, CA [2 of 3]
Harold O. McNeil
Attorney At Law
3659 Adams Ave.
San Diego, CA 92116

Telephone: (619) 280-6565

Comments: SSDI attorney; previously worked for SSA so understands the system

San Diego, CA [3 of 3]
Law Offices of Sean Simpson
401 West "A" Street, Suite 2350
San Diego, CA 92101

Telephone: (619)236-9696
FAX: (619)234-7334

San Francisco, CA
Nancy McCombs
Patterson & McCombs
1700 California St. Suite 410
San Francisco, CA 94109-4586

Phone: 415-202-8990
Toll-free: 800-511-2355
FAX: 415-771-0676

Web page:
Email: nmccombs@aol.com

Comments: "Patterson & McCombs in San Francisco is excellent, and Nancy McCombs specialized in Chronic Fatigue and Fibromylagia cases."

San Jose, CA
Terry LaPorte
125 South Market Street, Suite 1075
San Jose, CA. 95113

Telephone: 408-293-8810

Comments: "I used him for SSDI....He is extremely responsive and effective. A real professional and I recommend him highly."

Sunnyvale, California
Melvyn Silver and Ruth Silver Taube
Law Offices of Silver & Taube
1339 Pauline Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Telephone: (408) 737-2313
FAX: (408) 737-2937

Email: mdsrst@cs.com
Website: http://www.silverandtaube.com

Comments: Won ERISSA case for Disinissues member; current represent several patients with CFS.

San Rafael, California
Candace Davenport
1703 5th Ave. #204
San Rafael CA 94901-1854

Telephone: (415) 456-3606

Comments: Won SSDI case for Disinissues member

Santa Rosa, CA [2 of 2]
Richard Johnston
131-A Stony Circle, Suite 500
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Phone: 707-577-7422
email: richardjohnstonesq@juno.com

Comments: Mr. Johnston has been on both sides of insurance litigation, having previously represented insurance companies, and now advocating for claimants.. He knows the law and court systems well, has experience with both ERISA and non-ERISA cases. He is polite and friendly and listens to his clients, and goes to bat for them, usually on a contingency basis. He fights the good fight, and does it well.

Sherman Oaks, CA
Leslie F. Kline Capelle
Health Advocates, LLP
13412 Ventura Blvd., Suite 300
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Phone: (818) 461-5881
FAX: (818) 995-4838

Email: leslie@healthadvocates.com

Comments: Excellent Social Security Disability attorney.

Vista, CA
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Denver, CO
Cynthia Rixey Scott
Holland & Scott, Attorneys at Law
3515 South Tamarac Drive
Suite 200
Denver, CO 80237-1430

Phone: 303-773-3600

Comments: Practices disability law, "won my CFS case before getting to ALJ level"

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Winsted, CT
Ronald Rosenstein, Esq.
75 Park Place
Winsted, CT 06098

phone: 860-379-3311
fax: 860-738-1443

Comments: Social Security Disability Insurance work.

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Wilmington, DE
Douglas A. Shachtman
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue
Wilmington, DE 19801

(302) 655-1800

Comments: Has been handling Social Security Disability cases for approx. 15 years

New Castle Co., DE
See also Randall Selagy
Kennett Square, PA
(go to Pennsylvania listings below)

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Washington, DC

See Greenbelt, MD

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Palm Harbor, FL
William Rutger, Esq.
1275 Nebraska Avenue
Palm Harbor, FL 34683

(727) 771-8411

Comments: Private disability and occasional ERISA cases.

Tampa, FL
Paul Proto
Federal Benefits Advisory Group
P.O. Box 320422
Tampa, FL 33679-8422

Telephone - 813-451-9085

Email: ssadisability@hotmail.com
Website: http://ssa-disability.tripod.com/

Comments: Paul Proto is a paralegal who does only Social Security and works nationally, paying his own travel expenses. He is particularly familiar with CFS cases and the difficulties that we have.

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Carrollton, GA
John Dufour
527 Newnan Street
Carrollton, GA 30117

Telephone: 770-832-0295
FAX: 770-836-8919
Email: dufour@gateway.net

Comments: Private LTD (Georgia); group (ERISA) LTD; local SSDI cases

Fayetteville, GA
Greg Rogers
135 Brandywine Blvd., Suite C
Fayetteville, Georgia 30214

Telephone: (770) 460-1118
FAX: (770) 460-1920
Email: rogan411@aol.com

Comments: Handles both private LTD and SSDI/SSI cases; specializes in ERISA issues.

Sugar Hill, GA
John Hogan
1400 Buford Hwy, Suite D3
Sugar Hill, GA 30518

Phone: (678) 546-1010
FAX: (678) 546-1002
Toll Free: 1-800-540-1205

Comments: "Specializes in Social Security Disability claims. He advocates for Social Security claimants. He has been representing claimants with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia since the early 90's with exceptional success." "He has helped many in our support group."

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Lafayette, IN
James F. (Jim) Roth
Attorney at Law
225 N. Fourth Street, Suite C
P.O. Box 211
Lafayette IN 47902-0211

Telephone 765 742-1188
Fax: 765 742-0167
e-mail: jimroth@dcwi.com

Comments: Mostly Social Security Disability Insurance, some private LTD cases

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Bangor, Maine
Ms. Elizabeth K. Ebitz
15 Columbia St
P.O. Box 641
Bangor, Maine 04402-0641

Tel: 207-947-8666
Fax: 207-947-3859

Comments: "This lawyer helped me a great deal in obtaining SS Disability Benefits. She said she has not lost a case in eleven years! She is very tenacious and I would highly recommend her."

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Baltimore, MD [Cockeysville]
J. Mitchell Lambros, Atty at Law
9900 N York Road
Cockeysville, MD 21030

Phone: 410-666-2200
Toll-free: 800-562-0044
FAX: 410-666-0244

Comments: Has been successful helping people with chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome (cfids) and fibromyalgia (fms) file for Social Security Disability.

Greenbelt, Maryland (between DC and Baltimore)
Barry M. Chasen
6411 Ivy Ln.
Greenbelt, MD. 20770

Telephone: (301)220-0050

Comments: "Helped my husband when he was denied disability and workman's comp."

Silver Spring, MD (1 of 2)
Scott Elkind, Esq
Elkind & Shea 801 Roeder Road, Suite 550 Silver Spring, MD 20910

Telephone: 301-495-6665
FAX: 301-565-5111

Email: selkind@elkindshea.com
Website: www.disabilitybenefitslawfirm.com

Silver Spring, MD (2 of 2)
John Perchick, Esq
Silver Spring MD

Telephone: 301-589-2200
FAX: 301-650-2403

Comments: Successful with long-term disability insurance case.

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Duluth, MN
Sean M. Quinn
1200 Alworth Building
306 West Superior Street
Duluth, MN 55802-1800

Telephone: (218) 723-1990
FAX: (2w18) 723-1931
Email: smquinn@duluthtriallawyers.com
Website: http://www.duluthtriallawyers.com

Comments: "I found this attorney to be very professional and personable. He handled himself very well with the judge, doctor & career counselor at my hearing."

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St. Louis, MO (1)
M. Julie Shanahan
Crowe & Shanahan
720 Olive St., Suite 2020
St. Louis, MO 63101

phone: (314) 231-6660

Comments: Social Security Disability Insurance attorney; several victories for members of local CFIDS/FMS support group.

St. Louis, MO (2)
S. Sheldon Weinhaus
Weinhaus & Dobson
906 Olive, Suite 900
St. Louis, MO 63101

(314) 621-8363

Comments: Long-term disability (ERISA) attorney

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New York

New York City
Scott Riemer
Riemer & Associates
60 East 42nd Street, Suite 2430
New York, New York 10165

Phone: 212.297.0700
Fax: 212.297.0730
Website: http://www.riemerlawfirm.com

Comments: Has been successful in ERISA cases with patients with CFIDS

Syracuse (1)
Frank A. Clark
One Park Place, Ste. 410
300 S. State Street
Syracuse, NY 13202

Tel. (315) 701-5990

website: www.fclarklaw.com.

Comments: Has been successful with both SSDI and private disability cases involving fibromyalgia.

Syracuse (2)
Ross Andrews
Satter and Andrews
217 Salina Street
Syracuse, NY 13202

Phone: 315-471-0405

Comments: "Over the past 9 years he has helped me fight and win SSD and also helped me win back my private disability insurance ... His rates are reasonable, he is very cfs knowledgeable and an all-around kind, considerate and compassionate man.

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North Carolina

Raleigh, NC (1 of 2)
Calvin B. Bennett III
8601 Six Forks Rd # 400
Raleigh, NC 27615-2965
Phone: (919)676-5290

, NC (2 of 2)
Hartzell & Whiteman
2626 Glenwood Ave., Suite 500
Raleigh, NC 27608

Telephone: (919) 571-8300
FAX: (919) 571-1004
Website: www.hwlawyers.com/

Comments: "... hardest working, most compassionate, knowledgeable, caring ERISA attorneys ... will work on contingency and their fees are very reasonable.

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Kennett Square, PA [Philadelphia suburbs]
Randall Selagy
150 Beverly Drive
Kennett Square, PA 19348

Phone: (610)444-6880
FAX: (610)444-1106
Email: rselagy@kennett.net

Comments: Recommended by several patients; serves Delaware as well as Pennsylvania; successful with Social Security Disability cases.

Lancaster, PA
Jon C. Lyons
53 North Duke Street, Suite 205
Lancaster, PA 17602

Phone: 717-393-3647
FAX: 717-397-6275
Email: jon.lyons@lyonsdisabilitylaw.com
Website: www.lyonsdisabilitylaw.com

Comments: Has helped many patients on the Disinissues list.

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Chattanooga, TN
Eric Buchanan & Associates, PLLC
414 McCallie Ave
Chattanooga, TN 37402

Phone: (423) 634-2506, direct (423) 634-2510
Fax (423) 634-2505

Email: ebuchanan@buchanandisability.com

Comments: Good ERISA attorney with track record

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Addison, Texas
Barbara Hale
Clements, Allen, Woods & Margolis, P.C.
15303 Dallas Parkway, Suite 1050
Addison, TX 75001

Phone number: 972-991-2600

Comments: Private LTD attorney, has had success with MetLife

Dallas, Texas
Mark Perrin
1401 Elm Street, Suite 1965
Dallas, TX 75202

Phone: 214-646-2005 Fax: 214-646-6117

Email: markperrin@perrinlaw.org

Comments: Mark and his brother, Doug, have a small law firm in downtown Dallas. His fees are reasonable and he doesn't carry the enormous overhead of a large firm. He has no fear of UNUM.

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Arlington, VA
Carter & Coleman
602 Cameron Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Contact: Ms. Juliane C. Miller, Esq

(703) 739-4200

"Carter and Coleman is a well regarded ERISA law firm that has litigated precedent setting ERISA cases. They are well versed in the latest medical and legal issues of CFS/CFIDS .... recently helped me with my CFS case against Metlife."

Fairfax, VA
Sheri Abrams
Attorney at Law
4015 Chain Bridge Road
Suite I
Fairfax, VA 22030

(703) 934-5450

Email: sheri@sheriabrams.com

Comments: My attorney, Sheri Abrams did a great job for me and for other CFIDS/FMS patients. She only does Social Security law and wills---no LTD.

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Olympia, WA
Keith Buccholz
6538 Libby Road NE
Olympia, WA 98506
(360) 956-0613

Comments: SSDI case: "Keith is very familiar with CFS/FMS and was wonderful to work with. He keeps you informed on the case every step of the way. He was always available to talk to and spent hours on the phone with me. He is a one-man office with a secretary, thus I was always able to talk with him rather than a paralegal."

Seattle, WA (1 of 2)
Steve Krafchick, MPH 1974, JD 1983
Krafchick Law Firm
Legal Services for Injured People
2701 First Avenue, Suite 340
Seattle, WA 98121

Phone: (206) 374-7370
FAX: (206) 374-7377
Email: klf@krafchick.com
Website: http://www.krafchick.com

Seattle, WA (2 of 2)
James Oswald
1218 Third Ave, Suite 1500
Seattle WA 98101

Comments: "He does work in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He does ERISA law. He is the most pleasant to work with lawyer on the face of the earth. He is incredibly smart and really knows his stuff. He allowed me to work with him gathering materials, which most wouldn't. He won my case with my LTD when they were determined to dump me. He is a very good lawyer."

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